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Taking Back Sunday guitarist / vocalist John Nolan has put together a compilation album that’s due out this Spring via Collective Confusion Records / Sub City and will benefit the ACLU. It’s called Music For Everyone and it features rare or unreleased music by Taking Back Sunday, Walter Schreifels’ band Dead Heavens, The Lawrence Arms’ Brendan Kelly, Dave Hause, Chris Farren, Potty Mouth, Allison Weiss, Anthony Green, Frank Iero, Anti-Flag, Jared Hart, Answering Machine, and more. “I also wanted to give artists an opportunity to express something about what’s gone on in this country over the past year and what’s coming in the next ones. I needed that for myself and wanted to connect with other people who needed it. And I wanted to take that need for self-expression and channel it into something bigger than all of us.”


  • Hi, it’s me, Chris Farren. I’m honored and proud to be a part of this compilation. The world is weird and scary, but there is value in knowing there will always be humans who strive to care for one another.Chris Farren
  • We’re honored to be included on this compilation if only to do our small part in stopping the spread of fascism and supporting an organization that fights for the rights of all human beings.Answering Machine
  • In the next four years, there is a lot of potential to see policies that will discriminate against people of color, Muslims, women and the LGBT community. The ACLU has a long history of fighting discriminatory and unconstitutional policies and I wanted to do something to unite people in support of that fight.John Nolan, Taking Back Sunday
  • We jumped at the opportunity to support an organization as sensible and compassionate as the ACLU. With the social climate today being so uneasy, contributing one of our songs to such a positive cause is the least we could do. Modern Chemistry
  • Anti-Flag believes that one of the missions of punk rock is to give a voice to those who have no voice and fight for those who are most vulnerable and can not fight for themselves. Time and again the ACLU have demonstrated the willingness to take on this mission – and win! No organization has done more to fight for the civil liberties guaranteed under the Constitution than the ACLU. They have the integrity, guts and resources to stand up to injustice when no one else can or will. The ACLU are punk as fuck! Period.Justin, Anti-Flag
  • It’s times like these when it can be difficult to figure out what you as a single human being can do to help fight for what you believe is right. Thankfully, music allows us to use our voices collectively to work towards a common goal while releasing something positive into the world at the same time. Hopefully this inspires others to do the same.Jared Hart
  • We’re very excited to be a part of this compilation, because as individuals we all place a lot of value on equality, inclusion, and social justice, and it’s rare that we get the chance to use our music to contribute to those goals. In the current political climate it’s especially important for everyone with a voice to speak out in support of those who feel oppressed, discriminated against, or unwelcome in their own country.The Republic of Wolves
  • We collectively believe in the ACLU’s nonpartisan mission to defend and uphold the liberties granted to ALL individuals by the Constitution.Sleep On It
  • In today’s fraught political climate, it is especially important for artists to engage their audiences about current events and what we can do to support organizations committed to the pursuit of social justice. As already evident by the actions they’ve taken in first weeks of the new administration, the ACLU is an unequivocally vital organization in protecting the civil liberties of all citizens in this country, especially those whose lives are most vulnerable right now. Supporting the continued existence of the ACLU is not optional; it is politically and morally necessary. Potty Mouth
  • Indifference is the greatest civic sin. Cassino
  • As a band we believe equal rights are a birth right and not a radical idea. The ACLU does great work keeping politicians in check and now more than ever we feel actual freedom of all citizens needs to be protected. Baggage
  • We feel that our current administration is being disturbingly selective in how rights are distributed among citizens and visitors of the United States. In our opinion, the ACLU is a great line of defense in making sure that everyone is treated equally and that no one’s rights are compromised as a result of the Trump administration.Gravel Kings
  • I think it’s important to use my position as a musician to help donate and give back to those struggling. We all have an opportunity to give back and make people aware of views we hold dearly and consider part of us and hopefully influence some people positively in that.Cameron Boucher, Sorority Noise
  • I’m a firm believer that dialogue is the most important tool we have for change. If you want to see real change in the world, it starts from using your work to create a real dialogue in your daily life. This song is simply an attempt at that.Secret Space
  • It’s called Spanish Moss and it’s about the wife of Salvador Dali. The ACLU is one of the greatest resources we have in fighting the darkening political and humanitarian crisis this country is facing. Happy to support such a wonderful organization and I love my friend John Nolan very much.Anthony Green
  • With everything going on in the world and within our country, spirits can be pretty low. I know for me it’s been hard to look at any sort of social media without some sort of political blunder or mess being brought up that could possibly weigh us down. We were humbled when asked to give a song to a collection of artists that will go past the normal boundaries of comfort that music provides. As a collective we are all coming together in unity as our country should and will be to help others and to aid in the thwarting of any potential threats to the civil liberties and inalienable rights that the people in this country deserve.Rationale
  • Politically, things are kinda dark. Seems like the world could use a little light. Gift of Gab



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