John Nolan talks American Civil Liberties Union, Trump’s administration, and his ACLU compilation project

In the first weekend under the new presidential administration, the American Civil Liberties Union received 356,306 online donations, adding up to over $24 million, six times their average annual total.

Since then, different projects from musicians and artists have sprung up and added to the surge. On Feb. 4, Bandcamp donated 100 percent of its share of profits from music purchased from their website to the ACLU, with over 400 artists and labels that use the website doing the same. All Time Low recently launched their own T-shirt campaign for the ACLU, with all of the proceeds being donated as well.

On Jan. 20, John Nolan (Taking Back Sunday) announced a compilation album to benefit the organization. The album includes rare and previously unreleased tracks from artists like Taking Back Sunday, Anti- Flag, Sleep On It and Anthony Green. The compilation, called “Music for Everyone,” will be released in the spring on Collective Confusion Records and Sub City, the charity branch of Hopeless Records.

“I think what they [the ACLU] do is very important. They’re fighting court battles for people and groups that usually can’t fight those battles themselves,” said Nolan, in an interview with The Spectator. “They’re also extremely important for keeping presidential administrations in check. They’ve been challenging the legality of what presidents from both sides of the aisle have been doing for decades.”

This album is not his — or Taking Back Sunday’s — first work for charity. Hosting holiday shows each year at Starland Ballroom to benefit different organizations; being part of a previous compilation for the water crisis in Flint, Michigan; and a recent performance at The Evening Muse in Charlotte, N.C.; for Nolan — and the rest of the band — is all part of the job.

“We get approached to contribute to charities, but we also make it a point to go out and support organizations we believe in,” said Nolan. “This entire band feels very fortunate to be in a position where we can support organizations that are doing good work, so we try to take advantage of that whenever we can.”

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