Music For Everyone is an American Civil Liberties Union-sponsored project that could not be more relevant today. With comprisal input by John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday, Collective Confusion Records, as well as the Sub City non-profit, this compilation is full of unreleased—and all the more timely—material to stress personable sentiments amid the rampant adversity of our current political climate. Nolan states what future conditions may arise because of continued disarray. “In the next four years, there is a lot of potential to see policies that will discriminate against people of color, Muslims, women and the LGBT community.” He emphasizes, “The ACLU has a long history of fighting discriminatory and unconstitutional policies and I wanted to do something to unite people in support of that fight.” When the compilation is purchased, all proceeds will be contributed toward the organization. As of yesterday, the compilation reached over half of its projected goal.

From the initial bunch of tracks, Anti-Flag’s demo version of “Burning the Shame” kicks things off. There’s a definite rawness to it that persists through each of the song’s elements—the sizzle and crackle of the percussion, and the complementary sharpness of the guitars and vocals. At the core of the track is a melodic, harmonized bassline that, even in its contrast, holds tenacious ground amid its anxiety-based thematic leanings.

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